Place: “Voyeurs 3.0” is co-curated by EXPO and Vassiliki Vayenou, Berlin
Date: 9th of February 2013
Performance artist(s): Maria Mitsopoulou, P.G. Rubin-Macioti, Rüzgâr Buşki
camera: Zara Zandieh

F65.3 meets F65.2
Voyeurism is carried here not by a passive activity; it is developed through the fantasies that take place during the act and before that, in the moment of setting the rules of the proposal.The distance, that is part of the voyeur, is manifested in this proposal by the use of a set. The voyeur (curator) in this case exposes herself/himself by the desire of drawing the scenery, placing the object of desire inside a cube (artist), deciding on the colour of the cube and its transparency, inviting for eyelets. If the curator is the Voyeur, is then the public taking the role of the emancipated witness / photographer same as in the series of pictures named The Park taken by Kohei Yoshiyuki at the 70s?

What happens if we take notions literally?
The artist is a worker.
The curator is the boss.
The voyeurs are the customers.
Voyeurism F65.3 meets F65.2 exhibitionism.

The voyeur, the worker, the client, the boss and different pathologies share space.
Out of sight, inclusions and exclusions based on monetary relationships and social hierarchy.

Do you ever work for free?
Asks the art worker the sex worker while they draw together the gentrificated body.

By this performance they examine the labour conditions of art work and sex work, locating the spaces of intersection and the socially constructed categories of differentiation.

The proposed by the curator, cube, defines an artificial border between the performers and the public, reproducing a bipolar relation in/ out and a qualitative difference between them.

At the same moment its existence might invite on a playful attitude towards disorder.

Behind the cube lays the need to infiltrate oneself (virus body) in spaces that belong to the others (interface/ discourse), under a state of excitement that lacks of any intimacy.
“The Moaning out of Synch”