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During the last six years, Annie and Beth have been creating interactive performance art weddings in collaboration with various national and international communities.
Each wedding event is site specific, has a different focus/purpose, a different theme and colour.
The fact that they don’t ask for material gifts for the celebration generates interactivity and the performer’s meeting whose have to create the event. The wedding gifts are ephemeral art pieces, performances, readings, etc.
Their weddings gather hundreds of people interested in the same fields: sexuality, ecology and feminism.

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Silver Wedding to the Rocks:

Zorra Suprema & Maricarmen Free

Performances by:
Las Criadas
Helio Gábalo
Diana Pornoterrorista & Spina
Graham Bell Tornado & Glamereuse
Balazs & Sofía
Peter Pfeifer
Miss Perkances
jjjemp (Jonathan Kemp)
La Quimera Rosa

Klau Kinky

Dj Doroti


Carme Gomila
Laura Malinverni

Lucía Egaña R.

Verónica Lahitte
Verónica Carracedo

This video was edited by Lucía Egaña R. from source material streamed by, CC (by-nc-sa)
• ecoerrortronik ritual-
clitorian stones

Description: While listening the poem in loop mode implemented in a background sound through pure data, live sound creation is produced from self-made micros that amplify the sound of stones, sand and water which Paula Pin carries on her body. Parallel to that Maria Mitsopoulou, creates a round big form that roles on the ground, like a big stone. A game of sizes, sensations and recreation of memories.
//When I was little I remember at the beach/playing with the waves, on the shore/the erotic game of fighting/who is the strongest?/letting oneself to fall/then making me small, like a big round rock/And then the small rocks were getting into my panties/moving through my legs/touching, my lips and clitoris/becoming part of me/making my panties heavy/then I was standing up, taking the panties down and I would let them fall//
Silver Wedding to the Rocks
Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens
CCCB, Barcelona

The EcoWedding-performance-artists/activists meeting