|Maria Mitsopoulou|
Artist statement:
Through the documentation and invention of actions, I create, capture and reproduce, collectively and individually processes and moments of cultural resistance.
I examine the incorporated technologies that through culture produce what we call identity with the intention to create contra narrations that hinder the establishment of a single truth.
Focusing my work in the study of body, the body emerged in networks of normalization and control, through performative processes i try to generate other types of knowledge and conditions where intellectual and emotional satisfaction can be reached.
It is a performative exercise in order to draw and redefine the boundary between private and public, where i try to reflect on gender, human relations, art productions and visual representations.
I understand the artistic practice not only as a staging, but as a process that goes through the personal to the collective so as to be useful and constructive, as a tool for exercises of exposure and encounters with the
̈ other ̈ for learning, sharing, collaborating and producing together other ways of doing and being.
Interested rather in creating presences than representations, i worked in groups where we reflected on public and private space, queer theory and feminisms.
Departing from the field of my own informal, fragmented and temporal experience, I explore moments of tension between concepts, practices, events and subjects, and from what I get I generate other interpretations of what is taken for granted, in order to act once again in the realm of experience.
tools: painting, drawings, live art, audiovisual performances, video works.

More info on recent projects:

After my studies in Fine Arts in Thessaloniki, Greece (1998-2003), where I graduated as a painter, I followed courses in visual arts, interdisciplinary technics and performance y in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Valencia, Spain (2001-2002). In 2004 I moved to Barcelona where I obtained a Master on Studies and Projects on Visual Culture at the University of Barcelona (2004 - 2006). My interest was in collective pedagogies and the democratization of tools of self-representation for youths in risk.
From 2006 to 2008 I was coordinator y commissioner of the participation of Barcelona in the XIII BJCEM International Biennial by the association RAI (Resources of Intercultural Animation). Since then I centered mi work in the creation of events and workshops around gender politics, feminisms and identity politics participating in the organization of the first and second edition of Muestra Marrana (film festival on post-pornographic representations, http://muestramarrana.org/) as well as being part of the editorial team of the fanzine La C.U.L.O. (queer feminist magazine, Barcelona, 2009)
Lately together with Paula Pin (http://biosensing.tumblr.com/) under the Transnoise platform we research on hybrid post identities, recycling low-cost technologies, open code and noise productions http://transnoise.tumblr.com . At the moment collaborating with QuimeraRosa in the AKlR Yaku project, a multidisciplinary performance where we investigate the connections between art, technology and witchcraft approached under queer feminist theories. http://akelarrecyborg.tumblr.com/ .
Currently i live between Berlin and Athens where I investigate through drawings, sound and performances what it means to speak of home, community, identity and belonging, in the context of the “age of migration,” that is, the global circulation of culture, capital, and people. In this context I try to elaborate a personal cartography on points of intellectual expansion same as on traumatic encounters.