July 3rd - 4th, 6th
“The body as a sound post-gender instrument” by Akelarre Cyborg

“The body as a sound post-gender instrument” is part of the project “fashion x – Genderkritische Perspektiven auf Kleidung und Mode“ at alpha nova-kulturwerkstatt & galerie futura

Workshop for building wearables : vocal fashions
Through simple circuits we will create sound exo-sculptures that will serve our body mutation. No former experience is needed.

Workshop Description
Our work amplifies the body to a wider range of meanings, performing other entities and cyborgs in order to finish with the ideology of gender. We wear electronics and produce noise to open the closed body and destroy representation. Trans bodies generating peripherical optics, diffracted matter in constant change. Our costumes are alchemical instruments that invert fashion, understanding and revealing our natures instead of clothing them.

[Transnoise & Quimera Rosa] invite you to a cyborg coven. The covens were gatherings between witches. If we aloud ourselves to dissociate them from religious definitions of witchcraft, we would find a set of practices that, through the manipulation of symbols, bodies, objects, signs and surroundings, aim at the creation / modification of the world.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own every day materials for the body modification process. This can be anything, from silicone gloves to plastic textures, stuff from your kitchen, something that you stored and never used. The idea is to change their function and possibly their appearance!

In this workshop our bodies will be modified by different types of prosthesis (modification of body image, creation of new organs and body functions elaborated by recycled materials and low cost electronics.) Through this process we will sketch hybrid identities that search to escape an infinite
list of dichotomies like natural/ artificial, humane/ machine, human/ animal, man/ woman, homo/hetero, art/life, science/ pre-technologic....

July 3rd
12:00 to 14:00 Presentation of concepts and ideas
15:30 to 20:30 Choose your devise - think of your prosthesis
July 4th
12:00 to 14:00 Construction of devise and prosthesis (exo-sculpture)
15:30 to 20:30 Construction of devise and prosthesis (exo-sculpture)
July 6th
12:00 to 14:00 Jam experiment - gathering for final testing
21:00 collective public presentation / performance in form of a jam audiovisual ritual

Also see http://www.alpha-nova-kulturwerkstatt.de/workshop-the-body-as-a-sound-post-gender-instrument-by-akelarre-cyborg/
Workshop language: English
Group size: 15 participants
Venue: alpha nova-kulturwerkstatt & galerie futura, Am Flutgraben 3, 12435 Berlin
Please register here: mail@alpha-nova-kulturwerkstatt.com

Participation fee:
The access to the workshop is free.
The price of the kits varies depending on the devices that each participant wants to build
1- amplifier 35€
2- polyphonic synthesizer 45 €
3- possible complements: microphones or piezo electric with connectors and cables. 10 €

“The body as a sound post-gender instrument” is part of the project “fashion x – Genderkritische Perspektiven auf Kleidung und Mode“ at alpha nova-kulturwerkstatt & galerie futura

14th of july
[Akelarre Cyborg] at Panke
more fotos here
SABBAT and TIQ present:

15 hours of Wave-tek-and Experimental sounds
Indoor and Outdoor

Live: MEM PAMAL (Fantomatik Records - FR)
bio: http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Ffantoma.free.fr%2FBiographie%2520MEM%2520PAMAL%2520DOSSIER%2520DE%2520PRESS%2520en%2520anglais.pdf&h=pAQHse8pm

Confusion Elemental (a single cell of chaos).will be a crack in constant metamorphosys.
Polarize between serenity and frenzy;adopting unexpected forms.

Nekrobot comes from Athens where, being a member of Jinx Entertainment collective, he was spinning minimal and synth punk in underground clubs around the city for the last seven years. On the same time he was editing independent short films and experimenting with visual and audio collage, continuously deconstructing and distorting reality on the wrong side of entertainment. Arriving in Berlin, he became resident at Sabbat party, doing unusual mixes of harsh electronic sounds. Nekrobot wishes to express disorder in sound and vision.

He/she/it, consider himself as a provocater and selfdestroyer, starting doing music back in the 1996 with experimental music collaboratng with different artist between berlin and madrid .
This Old Persona born with the name Petra Flurr this sick activist that search the difference in everything or better said fighting against the cruelness of music nowadays.
Not a Dj just a music selector that start playing Music and Organizing the Sabbat party wich his Sets are a mix of Apocalyptic rave , Rytmic noise, and Decadance

- NEUE K (Tiq Berlin)
He moves to Berlin in 2009 and gives birth to TIQ (Ex - Tanz Im Quadrat), a minimal-synth party loved and supported by different alternative scenes. His djset are rigid, cold, rough-edge, blind-alley and the drum machine beats always like a metronome. No matter if the sound comes from the past, the present or the future, he is more and more devoted to select the best minimal-synth-wave music, so called "quadratic wave". Quadratic-wave is a word game and a concept from sound physics too, but the best way to catch it is to dance it, and the best way to dance it is by being concentrated and confined in a quadrangle as Die Tödlich Doris sang in their song Tanz im Quadrat: "Wir tanzen im Viereck, wir tanzen konzentriert".

- LITHIUM (Tiq Berlin)
cosmic psycho astral sound

Pop icon of Japanese underground scene! Moved to Berlin in 2011 after serving as Resident DJ for “Tokyo Decadance”, “Tokyo Dark Castle”, and “Alamode Night” for many years. His notable appearances in the wide range of events from gothic & industrial club events to anime conventions such as “Anime US...

- Performance [Akelarre Cyborg] by:
Transnoise & Quimera Rosa are both artistic laboratories of allied sensibilities that investigate and experiment around the processes that construct and produce identities, especially those of sex/gender/sexuality and their relation with arts and technology.
This interest is mostly expressed through interdisciplinary performances that sketch other relationships between humans, plants and machines, between bodies, prosthetics and data. The performances aim at generating a time-space that vanishes the limits between reality and fiction, between art and life.

- ALBATORUS (on emoragy) DE XENUS

- Unhuman (Lärm-Alarm-Lärm/ Species/ Liber Null)

DEKO: Gotland Fünf

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