Karaoke rp

2 autorepresentations mix. Safia Ishag and I.
a self representation video downloaded from the red (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fu9OBQJ31rk).
Traumatic experiences are hard to share. People don’t want to hear details, people are triggered. A manipulation on the text. Only the first line of subtitles is visible to the viewers and the performer. An attempt to open the narration without descontextualising it.
A second manipulation on the image. Safia Ishag s image disappears, only half of her text is being present. Instead of her, an image of me appears on the video together with footage from the Fukushima nuclear disaster that occurred same period of time. I read the text live, my voice coming from the position of the audience, I am part of them. As if I was her, there. Nobody knows if it is true or not. Thousands of stories reach us through internet every day. Some can become tools for creating affinities. Some create conditions of empowerment.
Sexual violence is a common space for most women. But the way of handling it, and the language used to denounce it can be different.

1 projector
1 microphone

presented at the Entzaubert queer D.I.Y uncommercial film festival (2011)