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Part 1A /doppelgängeradmiral

For politics to take place, the body must appear
/Judith Butler, at Bodies in Alliance and the Politics of the Street.2011/

I appear to others, and they appear to me, which means that some space between us allows each other to appear. We are not simply visual phenomena for each other – our voices must be registered, and so we must be heard; who we are, bodily, is already a way of being “for” the other, appearing in ways that we cannot see, being a body for another in a way that I cannot be for myself, and so dispossessed, by my very sociality. I must appear to others in ways for which I cannot give an account, and in this way my body establishes a perspective that I cannot inhabit. This is an important point because it is not the case that the body only establishes my own perspective; it is also the body which displaces that perspective, and makes that displacement into a necessity. This happens most clearly when we think about bodies that act together. No one body establishes the space of appearance, but this action, this performative exercise happens only “between” bodies, in a space that constitutes the gap between my own body and another’s. In this way, my body does not act alone, when it acts politically, the action emerged from the “between.”

Part 1B /doppelgängeradmiral
sand glass or sea clock as an instrument of colonization.

Part 2 /walking admiralstrasse: from doppelgängeradmiral to the contragentrification camp
gender and crisis or the world must to be disenchanted so as to be dominated
/part of the text that was created for the workshop that took place the 20th of June 2013 at Schwarzer Kanal, in the frame of transgenialer csd 2013 Berlin/

Part 3 /contragentrification camp
What does one always do when one travel one always verifies something one verifies that a particular colour one dreamt about is really there a good dreamer has to verify there are sacred forms of travel forced travel exile nomads to the contrary stay put completely its because nomads dont want to leave because seize hold of their earth of their land they can only nomadise in their land nothing travels less than a nomad its because they don’t want to leave that they are nomad and that is why they are completely persecuted so in a sense nothing is more immobile than a nomad.
out of Gilles Deleuze on Voyage

Part 4 /walking to taksim camp
"There are a lot of people who were at the park and they were also tear-gassed," she said.
"There is not (a) difference between them and I."
woman in red told CNN + chinawoman- Kiss in Taksim Square
”We will not reach Oranienplatz tent action camp, there you should go alone, but we will Kiss in Taksim square, dialogue with J. Butler, meet under a sea clock, firmly hold a red umbrella, follow actual witch hunting reports, think on sacred ways of traveling while being between bodies that act together. A tour on temporal live architectures of resistance in 5 parts, meaning 260 meters prolonged in time and relocated in space.”