then you are an animal then i am ethics
then you are need and i am pleasure
then i am trauma and you are power
the dog plays, then demands, then pees on our bed.

nuestras coronas: captadoras de señales
nuestros pechos emisores reciclados
tu vestido un buen conductor
mi alma se corre por ondas inventadas.

preparacíon de boda de piedra metamórfica 01
input output play around
in this bloody playground
Trojan horse drifts away
take me a lift on your way

try to do what you don’t know
spam data on your own
turn this into a disease
grab her neck and then, switch

bloody ways are not an instinct
said the parrot to the fish
culture is the only nature
that i know that exists
DNA sounds crap
put your genes on my ash

code community installed
mutated bodies is big fun

fuck me with your 4 legs
and love me like
if i was a boat

first song attempt
when I was little I remember at the beach
playing with the waves, on the shore
the erotic game of fighting
who is the strongest?
letting oneself to fall
then making me small, like a big round rock
And then the small rocks were getting into my panties
moving through my legs
touching, my lips and clitoris
becoming part of me
making my panties heavy
then I was standing up, taking the panties down and I would let them fall

silver wedding to the rocks
searching for
for the spider woman
post humanity modes
searching for a meaning making machine
a prothesis form
to interact
illegal mutated etnographies
and love zones
bio and moral modifications help me!
Next to a place where sexual deviance is being celebrated.
Still erecting barricades against sacrificial violence.
-cuts leading to clashes with riot police,
debt crisis-
Romantic primitivism.
[: 8.2% of xxxx clinically depressed,
21% of financially troubled contemplate suicide
Main roads already closed.
The world, and markets, are watching Wednesdays rallies.
30,000 public sector workers could be suspended before the end of the year.
Clashes at the lower part of the square.
The violence of naming.
-Drive towards revision,
disturb the limit of both animal and human existence;
What it means to exist through relations with an Other?

filtered intimacy
I see myself self suspended at the middle of the room that has no middle
the profound necessity to stop, to arrest the time
to rest enough to cure in depth to mourn the loss to celebrate
the photograph


-egeo mediterráneo atlántico
-no! solo mar
-mar negro adriático cantábrico
solo el mar me excita
sueño con ella y tiene color marrón, parece a diarrea
así aparece el ano
y yo afirmo: “Me reconozco como ano y como trabajador del ano”
poesia mar r ano
pie de pagina: entre comillas phrase extraída de Manifiesto contra-sexual de Beatriz Preciado

relatos marranos
Raw material,
notes on Voyeurism, 28-01-2013

Voyeurism lays in a condition of reality. Even if artificial. Or used to lay in that.
Chats, web cameras, amateur video quality filming.
I remember when I was little this kind of voyeuristic telephone calls. Even if there was no image. Had more to do with voyeurism that anything less. Because there was no consent. Was abusive. Man is calling. Hello, what is your name, is your mum at home? Are you alone, breathing faster and deeper. Im getting afraid, some other time it turned me on. He kept on calling. (F65.8)
Now with the internet all this calling culture has died out, is it because of that?
But the voyeurs in the park not.
This summer we have experienced it, at treptower park, a guy staring us behind the bushes.
There is a risky feeling, an adrenaline effect, much more stronger when is on real life conditions, no virtual, no mediated. There is a slight danger to be caught. A possibility that you can not predict.
My friend the other night said: Is so depressive being able to know the end of every night. She is the lucky one. But she forgets it.
But you, you are the privileged one. Even when you are caught, you are always forgiven under this disgusting macho reality legal, social, cultural regime that makes mi sick.
Why do I hate this white box?
Because my desire is to look at you forward in to the eyes. Touching me lips and clitoris, it turns me on. my fake breast and my black fat dildo that comes out of my knee. I will lubricated it out of your tears. There will be nothing between us, no wall, no eyelets, you could smell my bad breath and the intense aroma of my pussy.There will be nothing between us to save your from my lethal glance. No border no eyelets. You will die slowly drowned into tears mixed with vaginal fluids and mocos. Like in a B movie. Im staring you, same movement as any fish out of water. Kill bill slow motion.

Part 2. Few days later.
Is this a revenge fantasy?
You, tagged as a voyeur creepy subject.
No, I am same us you F65.3
Im part of this and I will reclaim it.
I love to stare, it gives me pleasure, it turns me on, I learn, and I will not ask for permission,
I love to be able to direct you from far when Is possible.
So I can see you from distance, from my palace of authority. With my 3D glasses, through my screen, my X-ray generator, my kinetic sensors, under my discourse, I buy you.
Is easy to formulate then. To manipulate your figure with my interpretations. To invent your voice. Same us I do with the voice of my dog. Treat you the way I treat children by denying them access and self-determination.
This seems a polyphonic piece.
I am you, my selves and the hegemonic power of naming.
I become the power of naming. Falling to the same old morbid pattern.

Part 4.
my body. retired outdated copy. ride on the fantasy,

prin htan draseis twra einai epiteleseis
h glwssa kokala tsakizei kai swmata anastainei
tote valane oloi to swma mprosta
oxi sthn maxh oute sthn katanalwsh
alla gia na na mhn skoteiniazei to sympan ths psixhs tous.