alogonom/paula pin

A live audiovisual performance about sex, gender, liquids and circuits which travels from abstraction to concrete landscapes.

Almost a science fiction scenery, full of acids, love, cables and weird experiments. The video footage that we will use consists on a dialogue between video loops extracted from alternative porn productions with post porn videos from the queer movement we came across and self made representations.

The role of performance understood more as a amplified ambient in which different objects as well as body fragments occupy no conforming decisions or positions.

Inspired by the theories that advocate Noise as the foundation of everything – chaos. Information rises from this noise “Form – information, that is phenomenal – arises from chaos – white noise. What is knowable and what is known are born of that unknown.” To M. Serres, noise is multiplicity – “possibility itself”. Furthermore, “it is not strength, it is the very opposite of power, but is its capacity. This Noise is the opening…”

Noise as opening, as possibility, as capacity.

If we cut out noise, we risk cutting out possibility.

Noise is misunderstood for the same reasons as drag: it shows through the

appropriation of nonmusical elements that tone and rhythm are, like gender, simply social constructions.

According to this, we take Noise as a central element to provoke opening.

When the process is going on, we are entering more and more inside new explorations.

Thus performance is generated by the interaction of our bodies with technologies and inversely, leading to confusion between body fluids and other cyber fantasies. Where the immersion of the body has the capacity to activate audible and visual devices, suggesting an infiltration into the machine, allows us to increase our cyborg sex fantasy in which an entity, a subject, opens the codified.

The organic performance seeks to eliminate the distance between digital representation and real life. Breaking the border between the imaginary and the documentation. Reestablishing the relation between oneself and one’s reflection.

2 sources of images : prepared loops mixed with video taken in real time, using web cameras. The sound is generated by homemade circuits worn on our bodies. Text, video narration and live performance combined; all topped with a large loading sound dose that leads to noisy extreme actions on stage. When light meets the body circuits sound and love explode.

We are seeking new ways of understanding our bodies, exploring new worlds that open doors to experimental passages. An anarchic direct action to defend our bodies, our policies and our values, an attempt to represent our invisible and unspeakable disturbed parts.

LPM, Rome, videntity, 2011